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My CMS website is an essential part of the marketing plan for my massage clinic in Adelaide - Knead Me Massage. Actually, now that I think about it, it is the only part of my marketing plan! Since opening my clinic in June 2008, my website has delivered me with a steady stream of new clients. I also use Paypal buttons on my website to allow clients to pre-payfor their massages using their credit card (instead of expensive merchant facilities). eoo suggested this and while I didn't think it was going to be a popular option, around 20% of my clients prepay in this way and it works beautifully! 


eoo also performed the SEO work on my website.  From the first week that my site went live, I have been getting traffic and my site is ranked in the top 10 in Google for many of my best keywords.  I continue to get traffic growth of around 15% per month. 


I sell gift certificates from my website (again using Paypal) and I have sold about 15 to people living overseas as gifts to friends and relatives in Adelaide (as well as hundreds to people in Australia). Again, this was an eoo marketing suggestion that has proved to be very successful.


I love the look of my site - and so do my clients.   The aesthetic elements incorporated into the design has been a big factor in getting new clients through our clinic door. The CMS backend is simple and easy to use - and I am regularly updating the site with new info and pictures. eoo has my unreserved recommendation as a web development company - they have certainly delivered a fantastic return on investment for my business. 


Principal Masseuse
Knead Me Massage in Adelaide

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