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eoo began life as a small web design company in Adelaide servicing the local market. It has now metamorphosed into a company that is capable of handling huge corporate projects across the length and breadth of Australia.


In the coming years, our customers’ needs will grow and change as the internet itself evolves. Our services will keep pace with these changing demands. We say this with confidence because eoo is a company that likes to stay one step ahead of the competition. We understand the requirements of our clients and offer custom designed solutions, tailor-made to suit their every need.


Keeping up to date with emerging technologies is essential when it comes to satisfying the needs of our clients in the future. We spend hours trawling through blogs and technology news services, and watching video broadcasts about new software, websites, web 2.0 technologies and more. It is fascinating watching the web world morph into something quite different every few years!

eoo will continue to evolve its highly specialised services. Our current services can be broadly categorised as follows:


  • Web Design and Development
  • Shopping Cart & E-Com Website Design
  • Internet Marketing Solutions
  • Corporate Branding
  • Software Application Development


Whilst predicting how our services will evolve in the future involves a good degree of crystal ball gazing, we are prepared to have a crack at it!


  1. Web 2.0 technologies will continue to spring up all over the place.  Some of the current mega-sites such as MySpace and Facebook will begin to wane. Mash ups (sites and applications that aggregate technologies) will be irresistable - as they offer so much more than indidual sites. 
  2. Video will continue to be the killer format on the web - who wants to listen to podcasts when you can watch a vodcast? Audio only just doesn't cut it any more. Static text is also far less appealing than video - and the only thing holding video back is download speed!  As people get faster and faster broadband, video will increase its accesibility and therefore appeal in the internet world. 
  3. The other big development will be the increasing uptake of mobile web-browsing platforms like the iphone. This is a no brainer!  Apple has revolutionised the use of mobile technology - it is finally as easy to surf the web on a mobile phone as it is on a computer! Thank goodness! This will have implications for the way websites are built - they will need to be viewable on much smaller screens as well as huge desktop screens (as we have seen emerge in the past few years due to the decrease in cost). 


 So, if you want your website to have an element of future-proofing, then call eoo now - 1300 943 454.

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eoo Future

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