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If you are wanting more traffic to your website (and, of course, more sales), then you must include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your marketing plan.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a web site to improve the search engine ranking of a web page, for a particular keyword. This is a complicated and time consuming process as the method (or algorythm) by which search engines decide the relevance of a particular site to a keyword is constantly changing. Of course, all your competitors are also wanting to get first page rankings for the same keywords as you do - so the battle can be fierce for sought after keywords!

Lets say eoo wants to be ranked highly in the search engines for the keyword phrase - "seo services sydney". We will commence an SEO campaign with a focus on that phrase. We might create a new page using that phrase as a title, write some copy about providing SEO services to people in Sydney, publish some articles in some online article directories about SEO generally and in Sydney in particular, and get some other websites to link directly to our new page (called a "landing page") using the anchor tags "seo services in Sydney". You might want to target keywords like "SEO Sydney, SEO Brisbane, SEO Adelaide, SEO Perth, SEO Melbourne and Google SEO Expert Services". So these keywords willalso be targeted via an SEO strategy.

To give your site a good chance of getting some organic (natural or free) traffic from the search engines, you need to actively work on your site to give the search engines the incentive they need to rank your site well. You can do this yourself (allocate at least a few hours a week to this task, every week for around 6 months and you should achieve some great results) or, if you haven't got the time, energy or expertise, you can engage an SEO expert to do it for you. Your SEO consultant will do exactly the sort of thing that we described in the example above about SEO services in Sydney - but on a much bigger scale and with many more strategies. There are no safe shortcuts to a successful SEO campaign - it is just a combination of SEO expertise and lots of hard work!

eoo has developed a series of packages for every business budget - from a quick kick-start package, to a multi-pronged, content generating, massive promotional campaign! Starting from just $350 (inc GST), we have an SEO package to suit you.

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