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Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts:

All the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and MSN) offer pay per click (PPC) advertising programs. Pay per click advertising is essentially the process of placing an ad on the internet, targeting a particular keyword, and paying a set amount each time a person clicks on the ad. This can be an extremely effective form of advertising as you are only paying when the ad "works" (ie someone clicks on your ad and is taken to the page you want them to view - usually NOT your homepage!).

Imagine you could place an ad in the Yellow Pages Directory (the hard copy version - the online version is still way too expensive!), but instead of paying a few thousand upfront for your small ad, you only pay when the phone rings (and, you tell Sensis how much you want to pay for each phone call!)! Wouldn't that be great! Even better, if you get too busy (or you are going on holidays or get sick or just feel like slowing down for a while), you can just pause your ad - so the phone stops ringing and you don't have to pay any more! When you are ready to increase your sales, you just switch your campaign back on (it takes about 60 seconds to do and has immediate effect)!

Google Adwords is the name of Google's pay per click advertising program. It is the first, the biggest and the most popular of all the PPC programs. Of course, it is also the most competitive and so sometimes it can be worth looking at alternative programs such as Yahoo.

There are a few key terms that are important to understand about PPC advertising:


  • "Cost per click" (CPC) is the term used to describe the amount paid (or the maxium you are willing to be paid) for each click on a PPC ad. It could cost you 8c per click, $0.80 per click, or $8.80 per click, depending on the level of competition for eac keyword.
  • "Click Through Rate" (CTR) is the % of people that have clicked on a PPC ad out of the total number who have viewed the ad. So, if 1000 people have viewed an ad, and 27 people have "clicked" on the ad, then the CTR for that ad is 2.7%.


In addition to securing a constant stream of targeted visitors to your website's money pages (ie those that are selling your most profitable products or services) our PPC Campaign objectives are to:

  • maximise your CTR (ie the rate of clicks that your ad is receiving)
  • minimise your CPC (ie the cost you have to pay per click).


This two-pronged approach will deliver you the best ROI (Return On your advertising Investment), and ensure that your site is getting the level of traffic you need to make your business successful.

Our PPC management services are $295 per month (inc GST). Please call us on 1300 656 902 to discuss how we can work for you. We can increase your return on investment (ROI) and save you money on your PPC advertising spend!



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