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Payment Terms


eoo has a straightforward payment policy designed to protect both parties. Pay 40% on commencement, 40% when we deliver the initial website build ("Website build" is when we provide you with a functioning website to your specifications) and the final 20% when we have completed all of our work on the site.


The site will be made live at your convenience (and final payment has been received).

The payment terms may vary if the job is particularly large (and we will spell this out in our quote to you).


Because we usually work on fixed price contracts, you will not be in for any nasty little surprises when all the work has been done - even if it takes a lot more time than we thought!

When you accept our quotation for your job, we will email you a Tax Invoice which will include payment details. As soon as we have received the first payment, we will get started straight away.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:
  • Direct Deposit (our bank account details are on our Tax Invoice)
  • Cheque/Money Order
  • Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard) - attracts a 2.5% fee

If you wish to pay with your credit card, please do the following:
  1. Sign up for a PayPal account (it is free) at - Paypal Australia

  2. Click the "Send Money" tab - at the top of the page.

  3. Enter the invoice amount + the 2.5% fee and enter our email address ( sales [at] eoo [dot] com [dot] au ). So, if your invoice is for $100, please enter the total amount of $102.50.


Alternatively, just let us know you wish to pay with your credit card and we will generate a Paypal invoice for you.

For those of you who will be using Paypal on your websites - this is a good way of seeing how it all works first hand!

Once we have finished the initial build of the website, we will invoice you for the next 40%.

Our payment terms are 7 days.

If you have any questions about payments, please ask us.

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