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Privacy Policy:


Our Promise to You

eoo respects your privacy. We want to use the information you provide to us to better serve you. We do not sell your information. We do provide contact information to associated partners so that you can be better served in making beneficial business decisions.

Notice & Disclosure

eoo collects information for the purposes of making marketing decisions relating to the eoo web site. eoo collects "Individual Identification Information" for the purpose of controlling access to information on the eoo web site. This "Individual Identification Information" is retained within eoo and shared with our associated partners as necessary when they are involved in aiding and supporting you. This allows eoo and our partners to contact you to provide assistance with information and support. eoo collects the following information from all visitors to the eoo web site: domain name and or IP address, name, information regarding what pages are accessed, and information volunteered by you, such as survey information, email address, or site registrations.

Choice & Consent

eoo does not require that you provide us with "Individual Identification Information." The choice is yours. If you do not desire to give this information, access to some content on this web site will not be available to you.


Security of Privacy Information

eoo is committed to taking reasonable efforts to secure the personal data you choose to provide us.



A cookie is a small file that is provided to your browser by our web site. When you visit our site, we can request this cookie from your browser. If it is present, it allows our site to identify you and determine that you have visited us previously. Thus, we do not need to collect information previously given to eoo.


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