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eoo brings the latest technology from the web development industry to its clients to help them improve their business and stand out amongst the congestion on the internet. Our next generation technology not only helps you to get a great site right now, but also offers a better return on your investment. Why? Because we use common standards when we build our sites to ensure that they are easily upgradable with new features and functionality and that any skilled web developer can work on it - you are not obliged to come back to us (though, of course, we hope you do!).


What is Web 2.0


Web 2.0 is a term, first coined in 2004, that aims to describe the trend towards creativity, secure information sharing, collaboration and website functionality. It is used in web-based communities and hosted services like social networking sites, video conferencing and sharing sites, wikis, blogs and tagging.


Web 2.0 websites allow their users to do more than just view information. Users interact with web 2.0 sites in many different ways - such as uploading photos, leaving comments on blog sites, sharing videos, sharing book marks, tagging great info and more!


Some of the most popular web2.0 applications on the internet are:









Social Bookmarking


Social bookmarking is a method for the internet users to store, organise, search and manage their bookmarks of web pages on the internet with the help of metadata. In a social bookmarking system, users store links to the web pages that they want to save and share. These bookmarks are usually public although they can be saved for private viewing only.


Social bookmarking helps to make your site popular among internet users and can get you traffic and increase your business. Its been a popular strategy in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for getting better website rankings.


Some of the most popular social bookmarking websites are:












RSS Feeds


RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

RSS automatically adds new content in your browser so you dont need to go through long page navigation process on a website. It allows you to stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are intersted in. RSS feeds can be used with any of the website which has got dynamic or content changing over a time e.g. news site, articles site or ecommerce store. RSS feeds are specified using XML and have icon.

RSS helps your website to give a better visibility for your customers. They can simply add RSS of your various web pages and easily get updated when your website content gets changed. Its a great way to keep your customers aware about your website's new content.


Web API's


One of the great outgrowths of the Web 2.0 technology has been an increased availability of Web APIs – Internet-based services with an HTTP-based programming interface. The days are gone when web developers would “scrape” HTML pages for data or useful information.

Some of the top web API's that you can for your real time programming either in your web applications or in desktop or server software.

YouTube API
Flickr API
Google Maps
Delicious API
Digg API
Google Ajax Feed API
Windows Live API
Yahoo Search API
Google Search API
Feedburner API
Facebook API
Ebay API

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